Economic Impact of Sustainable Housing to the Average American Economic Impact of Sustainable Housing to the Average American

Having a sustainable housing plan can not only have a positive environmental impact, but also an economic one. Though doing your best to help the environment is likely to be your priority, you can also benefit from healthy financial savings. The more green procedures and practices that are put in place, the greater the potential saving that can be made from running the average home.  

List Your Outgoings

Make a list of all your bills to determine which utilities you spend the most amount of money on; this is a good place to start to enable you to work out where you use the most power. Reducing the amount of power you use is easily achieved and will enable you to save money as you help the environment.

Put in place simple measures around the house to reduce the amount of power you use, such as turning off unnecessary lights and unplugging appliances that are not in use.

Using Less Water

Though reducing the amount of water you use may initially seem impossible, you will be surprised by how many instances that water goes to waste around the house. Making use of a water meter is a good way to make you more aware of the amount of water you use; paying for what you use rather than a set rate will make you concentrate on making a saving and, therefore, reduce the amount of water used.

Replace Appliances

When your appliances require replacement, consider the most environmentally-friendly ones first. These items work more efficiently so that they cost less to run. For example, there are many washing machines and dishwashers on the market that will only use as much water as necessary to do the job required. Elsewhere, newer models of fridges and freezers make use of less electricity to do the same job as older models.  

Cavity Wall Insulation

Having cavity wall insulation installed is a good way to potentially make a rather large saving. It will stop the heat within your home from escaping into the atmosphere which is a major waste of energy. This will not only make it easier and quicker to heat your home, but it will also reduce the cost of doing so. Installing double-glazing and loft insulation can also reduce the amount of heat that escapes the house.    

From Small Beginnings

Though the savings you make from each aspect of your sustainable home may initially seem small, they quickly add up and will become even more significant as time goes on. This is due to the fact that your efforts will make your home run more efficiently, saving you money whilst using less power which will help the environment.

In order to see some real evidence of the savings that are being made, compare bills that are received after the changes have been implemented with those that were received prior to their introduction. Put the amount of money saved into a bank account to make it more of a tangible saving. These will also highlight the reduction in the amount of energy being used.

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