Economical and Green Porch Stairs Designs Economical and Green Porch Stairs Designs

Porch stairs don't have to be expensive, even if you want to stay eco-friendly. There are plenty of options available for green stairs that are affordable. Some of these options may require more elbow grease, but the savings on your wallet and the environment can be well worth it.

Natural Stone

Natural stone can be difficult to work with, but the result is beautiful. You can also find some stone products for relatively cheap. When you build stone stairs for porches, you will need to do quite a bit of work with excavating the ground, laying the stone, and securing it in place. Textured stones for the step portion of the stair is also important. This will provide traction and make the chance of slipping on the stairs much less. Multiple colors and styles of stones can be used to create a truly unique look. Many quarries and stone suppliers will allow you to purchase leftovers from other projects, or broken stones, for less money.


Bamboo is a great way to create an inexpensive and eco-friendly stair design. Bamboo is naturally occurring, grows much faster than other forms of wood, and is sturdy enough to withstand abuse. Depending on the area of the country you live in, bamboo may not be as affordable as other forms of treated wood, but it can still be affordable if you shop around. Bamboo is also easy to work with, so curved stairs and other unique architectural designs can easily be accommodated. 

Salvage Material

Many people have created interesting porch steps using reclaimed materials. Wood taken from existing buildings that are being taken down can be sanded and installed as stairs. Some people have even created stairs out of old steel piping. There have even been reports of people using old skateboards to create stairs. Salvaged brick and tile can also be used to create unique stairs for very little money. There are a handful of retailers nationwide that specialize in this kind of salvage. You can check with your local Habitat ReStore for many ideas.

Hay Bales

So this isn't the most popular option, but it's green and cheap. The hay will need to be packed down tightly, and will require replacement after rainy seasons. Most cities will have regulations regarding what kinds of material can be used for building any structure, and you may have to treat the hay to be fire resistant before you can use it as a structural element.


Another way to create eco-friendly stairs is to use natural wood logs. The logs can be cut and split in to any size you need. They can be stacked and packed with backfill dirt to create a safe and secure step system. This will also add a rustic look to your home. You can find tree logs at any lumber supply yard, or cut your own if you have permission to cut an existing tree from a local forest. 

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