Edge Grain vs. End Grain Butcher Block Countertops

When purchasing a butcher block counter top, it's better to know what the difference is between edge grain and end grain. These counter tops are highly priced because they use a lot of wood. End grain is less expensive and has less advantages than edge grain. Following is guide to help with deciding which to choose.

End Grain

End grain butcher block counter tops are constructed using pieces of wood glued together side by side. Each piece of wood is continuous, resulting in a rows of wood glued parallel to each other. Long wearing and more affordable than edge grain, end grain counter tops are a practical and hard wearing choice.

Edge Grain

Edge grain butcher block counter tops are designed using a series of blocks of wood, similar to a checker board in looks. Edge grain wood is cut at a right angle to the end grain, exposing a harder surface. Edge grain counter tops will last longer than end grain and will also sharpen knives when used as a cutting surface.

Which to Choose?

Both end grain and edge grain butcher block counter tops are a smart choice. They will last decades and can be stripped back. All that needs to be considered is budget and design.