Edging Around Island Beds Edging Around Island Beds

You may have an island bed that has edging around it and wondered why it’s there. The edging can be composed from mulch or marble chips, or perhaps it’s something else entirely like river rock or slate chips. Whatever the substance, you should know the points of edging.

Why it’s Necessary

Edging is necessary for your island bed because it helps protect the plants from weeds intruding in. By having a heavy edge of rocks you can discourage weeds from expanding into that direction and consequently taking nutrients away from your island bed flowers.

Also, edging can transfer some of the nutrients within your edging medium (i.e., mulch or limestone, etc) to the roots of your plants through watering the whole island bed. This can benefit you because you don’t have to fertilize so much and it can benefit you later because you won’t have to do much more than fertilize once a year.

The attractive and defining qualities of edging for your island bed are enough to motivate any gardener to do it because it draws attention to the exact spot you’ve worked so hard to beautify. Edging can lend style and elegance to your yard just by being there.

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