Effective and Stylish Tree Grates

Tree grates are used to give a tree its space while letting pedestrians walk over the area where the tree is planted. The grates are used a great deal in urban areas to help eliminate weeds and trash around the tree planted area. They give the tree and the pedestrian the protection and security they both need from each other as well as life’s other urban elements. Tree grates also keep the bed around trees from turning into a trash pit. Tree grates are made from different materials and come in a wide array of shapes, styles and sizes. 

Plastic Tree Grates

Plastic tree grates come in different colors and styles and are non-degradable. They are easy to assemble and come tamper resistant. Since they are light in weight, one person can install them easily. Plastic tree grates expand so they are effective enough to use around trees of various sizes. They are stylish in the wide array of colors they come in and do not have a tendency to fade.  While protecting the tree, the appearance of plastic tree grates will always remain stylish since they will never corrode or rust. Trees need to have space in order to have longevity. Tree grates are adjustable enough to provide a tree this room as they do their job to protect the tree’s base. They are strong enough in material that they will protect the tree and accommodate the pedestrian traffic.

Cast Iron Tree Grates

Cast iron tree grates are a very popular choice because of their ability to resist corrosion. They can be finished or unfinished and still provide a look of natural beauty while protecting the tree from urban abuse. Cast iron is the most strongest and most durable of tree grates by far.  They are also heavy enough to prevent unauthorized removal by anyone. 

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Tree Grates

Aluminum and stainless steel finished tree grates provide an elegant finish where aesthetics are a concern. They are also extremely durable and are able to last for decades whether they are in their natural unfinished state or their finished state. Aluminum and stainless steel tree grates, just like cast iron grates, can be built in the pavement seamlessly as they increase the room that pedestrians use. They allow trees to be given their routine maintenance, water and provide ample ventilation. 

Large Tree Grates

Large tree grates have several benefits over the smaller ones. While they serve the same purpose, the larger ones are stylish as they are design elements alone. They still keep trash from building up in the well of the trees. Larger tree grates allow you to plant larger trees because of the room they provide. They also keep tree roots from lifting up the walking area by giving them room to expand. 

Tree Grate Shapes

The standard tree grates typically come in a square, rectangular or round shape. They can be made in any size or style in these shapes. The shape of tree grate chosen will help determine or depend on the type of foundation it is set in.