Effective, Top Drain Pipe Cleaner Effective, Top Drain Pipe Cleaner

The best drain pipe cleaner is one that will get rid of the build up in the drains and keep them flowing without any problems. Locating an effective drain pipe cleaner can sometimes be a frustrating project. There are plenty of cleaners on the market today. However, many of them are very harmful to the environment and can do some damage to the insides of the drain pipes themselves. 

Proper Drain Pipe Maintenance

In order for the drain pipe cleaner to work effectively you will need to do regular maintenance on the pipes. This means a weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance schedule for keeping your drains clean and clog free. Mostly this has to do with flushing cleaners into the drain system that will work at any type of build up that happens. 

Drain Pipe Problems

An effective cleaner is also something that will be able to eat through many of the different particles that can end up in the drain system. This means bits of food, clumps of hair, grease, and soap scum that is put through the drain as a part of everyday life. The cleaner must be able to work on these particles and keep odor free. 

Homemade Drain Pipe Cleaner

When looking for the most effective drain pipe cleaner on the market, you may only find it in one place. There are several different homemade remedies that work great without the harsh chemicals in manufactured cleaners. These homemade cleaners are made with simple ingredients and do not cost a lot of money to make. 

General Drain Cleaning

If you are keeping to a maintenance schedule for keeping your drain pipes clean, then a weekly flush with baking soda is a great way to keep pips clean. For this cleaner use two quarts of warm water and dissolve four tablespoons of baking soda into it. Then take it to a sink, tub, or toilet, and pour it into the drain. Doing this once a week, at a different drain, will help keep to eliminate build up in the pipes. As an alternative to baking soda, you can use some white vinegar with the water. This will do the same as the baking soda and dissolve any odors that may be present.

More In Depth Cleaning

Besides sticking to a weekly flush of the drain pipes, you can also effectively keep the drain pipes clear or any water deposits through some chemical cleaners like CLR. Simply running this through your drain will help combat the different calcium, rust, and lime deposits that work themselves onto your pipes over time. Flush this into your drain and then follow with some warm water 25 minutes later. 

Keeping Clear of Foam Cleaners

Many of the different foam cleaners contain a form of lye that is very corrosive to the both the pipes and your septic system. This type of cleaner is also quite toxic and can burn skin on contact. Make sure to read the labels very carefully on any of the cleaners you purchase commercially. Check the ingredients as well as whether or not it is a foam type cleaner. 

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