Effective Vinyl Protectant for Exterior Siding

A good vinyl protectant is necessary for being able to keep your vinyl siding look new for many years to come. Without a protectant keeping guard over your investment, then things like mold and mildew can begin to form. If not taken care of, this mold can be a health hazard for the people living in the home. 

Low Maintenance Required

Vinyl siding is very popular today because of the look, the durability, and the low maintenance factor. This does not mean that there is no maintenance as some people believe. There must still be some cleaning, and protecting in order to keep the vinyl siding looking good and free from any problems. A routine maintenance twice a year of cleaning and checking should be done.

Commercial Vinyl Protectant Products

There are plenty of manufacturers today that have created several vinyl protectants that are available for consumers today. These protectants form an invisible barrier between the vinyl siding and the weather in order to seal it. This seal keeps water from penetrating into the vinyl and creating mold. However, many of these commercial protectants contains harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment if spilled on the ground.

Homemade Vinyl Protectant

In the growing awareness of green methods of cleaning products, there is a new push for more homemade type cleaning materials. Protecting the vinyl siding on your home can be done with a solution of water and baking soda. Once the vinyl has been clean of any dirt and debris, you should sponge on this solution to coat the vinyl and protect it.

Built In Protectant

Many different styles of vinyl siding today has some UV protectant embedded within the paint itself. This will help to keep the vinyl from fading after a few years of being subject to the sun. It will continue to be as bold of a color as it was when it was first installed.

Best Vinyl Protectant

When looking for the best vinyl protectant you do not need to look very far. The best way to protect the vinyl siding from stains and any mildew growth is to keep it dry. Clean any stains off immediately and then be vigilant in keeping the siding dry. 

Not All Vinyl Protectants Are Equal

Buying a quality vinyl protectant is something that can be a little overwhelming sometimes. There are plenty of different products available today. When looking at the protectant's ingredients make sure that there is no alcohol or harsh abrasives in the protectant. This will actually work against protecting the vinyl and either scratch the siding or weaken it. 

Waxy Paste Dries Quickly for Wiping

When you think of a protectant, car wax is a great example. It is spread out of the body of the car and then wiped off when it is dry. This leaves not only a shine, but protection against the sun and rain. Look for a protectant for your vinyl exterior siding that does the same thing. You should be able to either spray, or brush, the material on and then wipe off when it dries. When you do, there will be a shiny, hard coating.