Effective Ways to Clean a Bug Screen Door

To clean your bug screen door will involve several steps because of the different materials you are dealing with. First you have the aluminum door, then the screen which may be metal or fiber.

Cleaning the Door

Many people worry about rust. The fact is that while aluminum does oxidize, it doesn’t truly rust. It oxidizes to a certain point that it takes on a dull gray tone and then stops. This dull gray tone actually protects the aluminum from oxidizing further. You can clean it up however and get it nice and shiny again:

Ammonia Solution

A good ammonia solution will clean most things such as tree sap and other types of staining materials from your bug screen door.

Soft Cloth or Scrubber Sponge

Never use anything that will scratch the metal! Using wire brushes or even soap pads will damage the metal on the door. The ammonia mixture and scrub sponge will take care of the cleaning!

Cleaning the Screen

Cleaning the screen on the bug screen door is much easier. It’s usually just dusty and can be cleaned with some warm soapy water, or even just a vacuum cleaner will work. In the case of the metal screen material however there is the possibility that it may be a bit corroded in which case you may want to use the scrub sponge here as well. You want to take care to clean the screen gently so as not to push it out of the frame.