Effects of Condensation in Interior Storm Windows Effects of Condensation in Interior Storm Windows

Every house and all interior storm windows in a home will. at one time or another. experience a little condensation. This is normal and should not be a problem to anyone’s windows or home. Condensation will occur when it is more humid inside the home than it is outdoors and the warm humid air will hit the coldness of the window leaving moisture behind. This small amount of moisture will go away once the homes humidity is lowered. 

Humidity can be caused by a variety of different things going on throughout the home. Showers, laundry and cooking can all change the humidity in your home that might cause condensation on your windows. 

Severe Condensation

If you discover that the condensation is extreme, to the point of it actually dripping onto your floor, you do have a problem. This is the type of problem that you might want to consider calling in a professional to examine.  

If you let severe condensation go and don’t do anything about it, more than likely you are going to run into some major problems with your home. The foremost one would be that the window and the walls around it can begin to rot. Not only rot, but also mold could begin to build up around windows and the walls near the window. 

Mold Damage

Moisture from the condensation can affect other parts of the home as well. If the home is humid in most of the rooms the possibility of mold is real along with structural damage can come from too much humidity getting into the walls and then into the wood structure of the home which can cause wood rot. All of this can also lead to unhealthy living conditions in your home. 

Condensation with Families

A lot of the condensation in your home is caused from the habits you and your family have. There are a lot of different things in your home that can cause condensation, such as saunas, spas, long hot showers or baths, and other activities. Those people who are single and live a lone will more than likely have a lot less condensation build up than those who have families.  

Preventing the Condensation

There are a lot of different ways you and your family can cut down on some of the condensation. You can take shorter showers and baths, and you can make sure the vent to the dryer is connected tightly so that there is no hot air escaping into the home. Be sure to put lids on pots that you are cooking in. Also, make sure that all the weather stripping on your doors and windows are in good shape. All of these things should be able to help you keep down the humidity in your home.

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