Effects of Rain on Stamped Concrete Patio Installation

A stamped concrete patio adds a beautiful look to any outdoor space. Stamped concrete-a process in which freshly poured concrete is colored then textured to look like bricks and tile-is durable and thicker than traditional concrete patios.

Can a Stamped Concrete Patio be Installed in the Rain?

As with all exterior surfacing, stamped concrete patios should not be installed in the rain. The excess of water in the concrete mix due to rain will weaken the patio in the future.

While a certain amount of moisture is needed to permit the cement to properly cure, an excess will weaken the structural integrity of the patio.

If your stamped concrete patio is not covered prior to any rain and is not very far along in the curing process, you run the risk of some of the cement in the concrete being washed away. The result of this could be a weakened surface, cracking, flaking, dusting of the cement, and increased permeability to water, putting lower layers of concrete and internal rebar at risk for damage.

If your patio is fairly far along into the curing process, the rain should not affect it to much.

If you get a large amount of rain during or immediately after installation, talk to your installer about placing a sealer on the surface to protect it down the road. However, the wisest course of action is not to begin installation if rain is in the forcast.