Efficient Green Spiral Staircase Plans Efficient Green Spiral Staircase Plans

If you’re considering building an efficient, green spiral staircase in your home, make sure to do your research regarding the variety of spiral staircase plans at your disposal. Spiral staircases can be breathtakingly elegant and lovely to behold, but they’re also notoriously tricky to construct. It’s important to pick a plan that perfectly suits your home, and then follow that plan to a T. fortunately, there are many sample plans available on the internet to take inspiration from while you’re doing your research. There are many factors to consider; in addition to considering green building materials, you also need to take into account your building’s codes—which tend to be quite strict about spiral staircases, since they can be very heavy—as well as the location of the spiral staircase in your home, and the size. Keep reading to find out about the most common plans and designs at your disposal for this elegant, though tricky, building project.

Spiral Staircase Plan 1: The Curved Staircase

The curved staircase isn’t technically a spiral staircases, because the curve from one floor to the next doesn’t exceed 90 degrees. However, this is an easy-to-plan and build alternative to the traditional spiral staircase, and it still looks downright regal in any home. Just keep in mind that this plan requires a great deal of space; it’s ideally suited for an otherwise empty foyer, for instance. Curved staircases are most often made out of heavy woods or metals like iron or steel, but to go green, speak to an architect or contractor about using recycled materials that still have the same heft and strength, such as recycled woods.

Spiral Staircase Plan 2: The Traditional Corkscrew

This is the plan that most people have in mind when thinking about building a spiral staircase in their homes. If they are tall enough, they can make a complete 360 degree twist. The most efficient plan is that which has a center support column; this is the easiest and cheapest to build. As with plan number one, to take this plan and go “green,” you need to consult with a specialist regarding which recycled and green materials are best adapted to this kind of plan: they need to be extremely sturdy, slip-resistant and hefty.

Spiral Staircase Plan 3: The Double Helix

The double helix is, without a doubt, the most Baroque of the spiral staircase plans. Often seen in old movies and Parisian villas, the double helix spiral staircase features two curving staircases, each spiraling up to 360 degrees, converging on some levels and separating on others. This is an elegant, striking, and downright cinematic look, but this is also the trickiest and most expensive plan to turn into a reality, particularly if you want to make this plan go green. If you’re looking for easy and efficient, go with one of the first two plans; if you have your heart set on this Hollywood style decadence, fortify yourself with patience and extra funds.

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