Eight Classic Colors for Slate Floor Tiles

Slate floor tiles are not only extremely durable, but add an eloquent touch to any room. It is commonly used in kitchen, baths and the laundry or mud room. This type of flooring is less expensive than marble and is superior to artificial ceramic tile in appearance and texture. It is an ideal material for wall covering as well. You can find slate tile in eight classic colors, with variations in between. It will not be difficult to find just the right color and style you are looking for.

Classic Colors For Slate Tile

Black -  A very popular gray-black uniform color, finely grained and smooth to the touch.

Green- Varying shades are available to match virtually any decor.

Red -    Reminiscent to the Spanish mission style.

Mottled purple and green - Varying degrees of soft shades that will range from a predominate color of either green or purple.

Grey - Characteristic variations in grain and color.

Purple - Variations on this up and coming popular color choice.

Dark green - A classic favorite. Rich and vivid.

Yellow - Used to brighten and visually expand an area.

In the Kitchen

Slate is used not only on the floor but in the back splash area behind the sink and stove for added ease in cleaning. It can be coordinated to match your appliances and cabinets. By choosing a slightly different color for the walls you will have an appealing visual effect. Counter tops and sinks are available which are stain resistant.

In the Foyer

By substituting slate for carpet at your front door, cleaning is a breeze during foul wheather in the northern hemisphere. Use it in the laundry room as well to expand your desired theme.

Around the Fireplace

Slate adds elegance in the living or family room when combined with wood flooring or carpet. 

In the Bathroom

Tub surrounds and vanity tops are typical areas for applying slate. This material is ideal for both low and high traffic areas.

In the Office

Desk and table tops, wall panels and window sills are some options to add appeal to a reception area or personal office.

Outside Applications

Slate flagstone is typically installed in patio areas and can also be used on walkways. It can be laid on soil, over aggregate, sand or concrete, and is relatively easy to install yourself. It is available in Quarry or Valley run grades by color, as well as traditional American. Contact your local distributer for desired grades in your region.


Slate roofing is extremely durable and can last up to a century, compared to the traditional shingle, which must be replaced every ten years or so, depending on the region. Roofing material is also available in a variety of colors and sizes to enhance any buildings appearance and appeal.

The possibilities are virtually endless with slate. Multiple color, size and textures allow your imagination to run free when designing or re-decorating your home or office. Durability and economical aspects make this material highly desirable.