Electric Awning Window Operator: Pros and Cons Electric Awning Window Operator: Pros and Cons

An electric awning window operator is a device that opens and closes the awning over a window in your home. These devices are useful for a number of reasons, but there are also some drawbacks to purchasing an electric-powered operator over a standard hand-powered machine.


Electric window operators usually have useful features that help to make them more effective. One of these features is a rain sensor; if the electric operator device detects water in the form of rain, snow or ice, it will automatically work to close the awning over the window in order to protect your home.

Another advantage to an electric window operator is that you do not have to expend the effort to open and close the awning yourself. Simply push a button on the electric device to complete the procedure.


Electric window operators can malfunction, just like any other electric device. In some of these cases, a malfunctioning awning operator can make it very difficult to open and close the awning manually. If it should happen to rain or snow during this time, you may experience damage to your window or home.

Electric awning operators are also significantly more expensive than manual awning systems of a similar type.

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