Electric Broiler

While most models are natural gas or liquid propane powered, an electric broiler serves the same function, only no gas line is required. Electric broilers come in several varieties. The most common type to be found in the household is a part of an electric oven range, often doubling as the lower storage drawer but just as often a function of the main cooking cavity. Countertop toaster broilers are quite popular as well. In restaurants, electric broilers are used to char-broil steak, burgers and seafood. They are generally open topped and feature a wide, multi-burner surface.

Restaurant Broilers

Commonly 24 to 36 inches wide, commercial electric broilers utilize radiant heating technology to quickly transfer heat from the burners to the food. Individually-controlled sheathed elements provide quick, precise infrared heat. Cook fast to sear the outside of food, leaving the inside tender and moist. Slow-cook broiling is another option. Units feature removable cast iron grates, lift-up burners for maintenance and stainless steel exterior parts.

Home Broilers

Besides the oven range, electric broilers in the home are countertop appliances that usually double as toaster ovens. Features include a nonstick interior for easy cleanup, adjustable temp control, nonslip feet and electronic touchpad. Auto shutoff, digital display and a precision heat sensor may be included as well. Select advanced models feature convection cooking settings for even quicker food preparation. Prices range from about $25 to $250. Accessories generally include a removable stainless steel rack, crumb tray and optional rotisserie attachment.