Electric Car Conversion: Can You Do it Yourself?

In order to successfully perform an electric car conversion yourself, you will need to remove the car’s engine, fuel and exhaust systems. This process requires ample space, mechanical skill and the right tools for the job. Converting your gas-powered vehicle to electric is a smart choice and cost effective after the cost of initial conversion. You will no longer need to purchase gasoline, and much of the upkeep of your vehicle will be a thing of the past.

Skills and Tools Required

You will need extensive knowledge of cars in order to complete the conversion. Simply removing the primary components of the internal combustion system involves highly coordinated skill. Converting to electric power requires another skill set. Aside from a large toolkit complete with an assortment of wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, hammers and saws, you will also need an engine hoist, jack stands or a hydraulic lift. An electric car conversion kit will provide you with some of the special tools for the installation of the electric motor, but most of the necessary tools will not be included. Additionally, you will need a lot of space. A double garage that has plenty of free space will do, or better yet a shop.

The expensive yet indispensable tools such as the engine hoist are available for rent. The tools are only half of it, though. Extensive knowledge of automotive systems and mechanical ability are both required for a successful conversion. Much of it can be learned on the go, but it helps to have a background in automotive technology.