Electric Deep Fryer

Easy to operate and easier to clean, a home electric deep fryer makes cooking fried foods a simple affair. Compact enough to sit atop a counter, most electric deep fryers are no bigger than a toaster oven. Equipped with a number of safety and performance features, don't bother frying foods in an open pan on a stovetop ever again. Kitchen deep fryers contain any splattering oil, and the removable heating element and nonstick cooking vessel speed up the overall cleanup time. 

Electric Deep Fryer Design

Electric deep fryers require nothing more than standard 120-volt electricity. They consume between 1,500 and 1,800 Watts and feature a preset or adjustable thermostat, depending on the model. Most units include a cover that may have a built-in oil filter. While the cover prevents splattering, the replaceable filter helps keep cooking and smoke odors from filling the kitchen. Other design elements typically include an immersible heating element that is removable for easy cleaning as well as a porcelain-enamel nonstick cooking pot.


Brands such as Waring, Presto, Rival, DeLonghi and others offer numerous deep fryer models. Some of the more common features include power-on indicator light, convenient viewing window to check frying progress and an automatic shutoff mechanism. Accessories that typically come with an electric deep fryer include a stirrer, basket or pot lift and recipe booklet. Prices for electric deep fryers range anywhere from about $25 to $200.