Electric Driveway Gates: When The Power Goes Out

Electric driveway gates are one way in which homeowners can protect their home and ensure their privacy. For homeowners considering installing an electric gate at the entrance to the driveway, one of the main concerns is the question of what happens when the electricity goes out at their home.

Gate Power Sources

Electric gates are often controlled through at least two power sources. The primary source is usually the electric power drawn from the home. Electric power installation for a gate can be expensive, but it is the most direct way of getting power to the driveway gate.

Solar Backup

Another source of power for driveway gates is solar energy. Small solar panels are installed in places that receive high amounts of sun during the day. This power is then stored in power cells that convert it to electricity that is used by the gate.

Battery Backup

Since solar power is still expensive for many applications, a battery backup for your electric driveway gate is an excellent idea. Have an electrician install a battery backup. Test the battery backup regularly so you know it will work when needed.