Electric Fence Electric Fence

Using an electric fence can be dangerous and if you have pets or small children it is not recommended. People place electric fences up to keep strangers from entering their property, usually to protect a barn or garage that sits out in the field.

There are many places that use commercial electric fence lines for security and protection against thieves. Insurance companies tend to frown on the use as they seem to create more harm than good. While the electric fence will keep the burglar out, if they get hurt while trying to rob you, you may get sued.

Why Use an Electric Fence?

Companies that use an electric fence post signs warning the thieves or intruders that it is there. In many cases this is enough to keep them away. If they do move closer the buzzing of the electric fence will usually get them to turn around.

Protection for personal property can be a reason for an electric fence as well. And in many cases farmers use an electric fence to keep cattle from busting out of a weak fence line.

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