Electric Fence Wire vs Ribbon

Electric and ribbon fence wire can be installed to establish boundary and to control movement. Electric fences give a pulsed electric shock when animals or people come into contact with it. This is used to deter trespassers and it can be set to provide mild to powerful electric shocks.


High tensile electric fences provide adequate security for homes, livestock and sensitive organizations. An electric fence is effective, as any object coming into contact with it is easily deterred. The charge can be adjusted according to the application.

For ribbon fences, there is more to be done to make it work effectively. This includes using multiple wires and adding a ground wire.


Electric fences provide adequate security over long distances. They are easy to install and the job can be done in short amount of time. To install ribbon fence, it is advisable to add a ground wire around the fence to improve its effectiveness. This ensures a good shock.


Compared to other materials used for fencing, both electric and ribbon fences are cost effective as they use fewer materials. An electric fence is long-lasting and it guarantees quality service. Use aluminum or galvanized ribbon fences for it to last long and to withstand UV deterioration.


Both electric and ribbon fences can be used in different settings and environments. The type of soil, weather and vegetation present in an area does not interfere with their installation or quality of service.