Electric Garage Heaters: A Cleaner Alternative to Woodstoves

If garage gets chilly, you may consider looking at electric garage heaters to warm up the space. They will not only make the air temperature comfortable, but also warm up your car in the morning.

Electric heater generates heat by passing an electric current through a high resistance material. The power of the heater is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU).

Types of Electric Heaters:

Electric garage heaters can be portable, wall mounted, ceiling mounted and infrared.

Floor heaters are portable and need to be kept on the floor. It's easy to operate, just plug in and start using. Most of them include safety features that will automatically shut themselves down if you knock them over or accidentally throw a blanket or cloth over them.

Wall mounted heaters are installed on the wall. The heat is dispersed to the garage space from the wall where the heater is installed. Choose the right wall so that it can warm up the whole room evenly. You may need the help of technician to install it.

Ceiling mounted heaters install on the ceiling. This overhead heater for the garage is very easy to work with since they are never in the way and do not take up any floor space.
An infrared electric heater is a device with a higher temperature which transfers energy to the body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. It heats you from inside out like the sun. It runs on electricity. The cost of this heater is little on the higher side.

Portable electric garage heaters are the easiest to use and don't require any special installation techniques. They can be used as soon as they are purchased. You must know the wiring specifications of your garage before you purchase the heater. It can create a safety hazard if you buy a heater not designed for your wiring system. When buying a heater, pay close attention to the energy requirements.

Most portable electric heater models have two different heat settings. They can heat a standard two car garage in an hour when placed on the high setting. They have a thermostat to control from overheating.

Choosing The Right Size Heater:

Most electric garage heaters are made for standard one or two car garages which is approximately 500 to 700 sq ft. Most of them are designed to heat upwards of a 500sq ft space. If you have large garage, get two or more wall mounted heaters.

Wall mount or ceiling mount electric garage heaters are the safest option for your garage. They are up out of the way.

With an electric heater you don't have to worry about venting gases like with a propane heater, kerosene heater or woodstove. You also won't have the mess from the firewood and ashes of a woodstove, which can be hazardous, when you use an electric garage heater.