Electric Hammers Electric Hammers

The electric hammers are usually used for drilling in nails and other sharp objects such as tacks into masonry. The repeated hammering action of the electric hammers is calculated in BPM (blows per minute). This is a good metric for you to choose a reliable electric hammer for your next do it yourself project.  Modern electric hammers deliver upwards of ten thousand blows per minute under standard operating conditions. Electric hammers are mostly used by do it yourself enthusiasts to assist them in performing minor electrical and plumbing tasks. The electric hammers are not very efficient when used in penetrating relatively harder surfaces such as concrete etc.

Cordless Electric Hammers

The cordless electric hammers are operated by using rechargeable batteries. It is generally recommended that you carry an extra battery pack while using cordless electric hammers so that you can use the hammer for extensive operations without wasting much time (while waiting for the original battery pack to charge up).

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