Electric High Pressure Washer

More than powerful enough to blast through dirt and grime caked onto concrete, brick, synthetic materials, metal and other surfaces, the use of an electric high pressure washer reduces time spent cleaning and does the job more effectively than other methods. Electric high pressure washers are available in industrial-size models with 10-gauge steel frames and 12-inch pneumatic tires. They are also available in portable units. Prices range from $70 up to several thousands of dollars. 

Power, Pressure and Flow

While larger high pressure washers feature up to a 5-horsepower motor, water pressurized at up to 4000 PSI and a flow rate of up to 4.0 gallons per minute, portable electric high pressure washers are a bit less powerful. These units made by Global Industrial, Karcher and TestMark just to name a few, typically offer 1.5 gallons per minute pressurized at around 1800 PSI. Home pressure washers of this caliber usually possess an electric motor with 1 HP or less.

Tool Design

Heavy-duty high pressure washers are built on a steel frame and feature rugged pneumatic tires. Portable electric units are usually constructed with a high-impact, hard plastic outer shell. Depending on the make and model, the pressure washer will feature a 20 to 50-foot washing hose along with several attachments to adjust the spray when cleaning.