Electric Kettle Pot

Distinct from standard types which sit upon a stovetop burner, an electric kettle pot utilizes its own internal heating element to heat water. Powered by standard electricity, this type of self-contained appliance is perfect for bringing water to near boiling when preparing a cup of tea, instant coffee, cocoa and other beverages or foods requiring hot water. Produced by numerous small appliance manufacturers, including Cuisinart, Breville, Black & Decker and Krups among others, electric kettles are faster than using the stove or the microwave.

Safety Features

Because electric kettles have an internal heating element and can become quite hot, a number of safety features are included in their design. First, kettles made of stainless steel feature stay-cool handles, commonly made from heat-resistant thermoplastic. Select models feature a cool-to-the-touch bottom as well. So as not to ruin the heating element or scorch the kettle, an automatic shutoff circuit and boil-dry protector switch are built-in as well. 


Electric kettles can hold anywhere from about 0.5 to 2 liters of water. That is equal to roughly 2 to 8 cups. Select models offer multiple brew settings at a range of temperatures. Common features include a water level indicator, power-on LED, drip-less pour spout and an anti-scale filter. More comprehensive models, such as the Krups BW4000, include an integrated water filter as well.