Electric Planer Safety Tips

An electric planer is a fantastic tool with which to smooth out rough pieces of wood. However, when utilizing this handy woodworking tool, there are several tips you will need to heed in order to ensure maximum safety.

Always Wear the Proper Protective Gear

When working with an electric planer, you will need to wear a small assortment of protective accessories. First off, to shield your ears from the exceedingly loud noises produced by these tools, you will need to don a pair of protective earmuffs. Secondly, to shield your eyes from any wayward wood shavings, take care to wear a resilient pair of safety goggles.

Periodically Replace the Tool's Blades

Another safety tip to keep in mind when working with an electric planer is to replace the tool's blades whenever they begin to dull. Failure to replace your blades on a consistent basis will result in the tool becoming less effective at smoothing. In addition, you are far more likely to lose control of a planer and give way to a serious safety hazard if the tool features a dull blade.

Securely Position Your Wood

To help ensure that you don't lose control of your planer, it is recommended that you use woodworking clamps to hold the wood you're trying to smooth in place. In addition to securing the wood, this tip can go a long way in preventing the safety hazards caused when someone loses their grip on an electric planer.