Electric Power Pressure Washer

For average residential cleanup or high-powered washing, an electric power pressure washer will provide enough pressure and water flow to do the job effectively. From spraying down vinyl siding and cleaning a lawnmower to blasting a tin roof, electric pressure washers are capable of handling most light- to heavy-duty home applications. Some electric power pressure washers are used industrially, but these are primarily hot water pressure washers. As with any power washer, consider the pressure and flow rates, price, and features when making a selection.

Electric Pressure Washer Design

Quieter than gas-powered washers, electric units may be used both indoors and out since they do not emit carbon monoxide. They have, as part of their design, safety features including double electrical insulation and a ground fault circuit interrupter that kills the power if water seeps into the motor. While some electric models are built with a steel frame and rugged pneumatic tires, more designs feature a high-impact plastic shell that serves as the housing, handle and holder for accessories. 


Home electric pressure washers typically have a 1000 to 3000 max PSI and a water flow rate between 1.5 and 2.5. More powerful models such as hot water units are available, but are not commonly used around a home. With a large selection available from brands including Campbell-Hausfeld, Black & Decker, Karcher and Northstar, prices for light- to heavy-duty residential models range from roughly $75 to $700.