Electric Pressure Washer

Using an electric pressure washer vastly reduces the amount of time spent on sizable cleaning jobs like hosing off a concrete walkway or brick patio. Similarly, a pressure washer works well to clean vinyl or wood siding, recreational vehicles, or the eaves of a roof. Many pressure washers feature adjustable pressure control so as not to accidentally remove paint or do other damage when cleaning. Some units emit cold water, while others can heat pressurized water up to 240 degrees, making them steam-capable. 

Pressure Washer Varieties

You can spend about $75 to $250 on a home electric pressure washer from Karcher, Black & Decker, Campbell Hausfield or Task Force. Likewise, heavier-duty electric pressure washers can cost as much as $5,000. Northstar, Kranzle and Mi T M Corp all produce high-end electric pressure washers built more durably and more powerful than the less expensive models. 


Commercial-grade electric pressure washers feature a steel frame with pneumatic tires for easy mobility. While models vary, these units typically include a powerful 1.5 to 5.0-HP motor and are capable of pressurizing water up to 4000 PSI. Water flow rate varies between 1.5 and 4.0 GPM. Smaller pressure washers are typically built out of high impact plastic and can pressurize water up to 2000 PSI and emit up to 1.6 GPM. Certain pressure washers run cold water through their system, while others feature a heating element to emit hot water. Some even have steam capabilities for deep, thorough cleaning. 


An electric pressure washer typically includes a 35-foot power cord, up to a 50-foot spray hose and, at minimum, a spray gun. Quick-connect nozzles are common, as are additional attachments, including a variable-length lance for extended range and angled nozzles to change the spray pattern. Adjustable pressure is a feature of some washers, while those that put out hot water include temperature control. Depending on the model, an electric pressure washer is useful for everything from common household exterior maintenance to heavy-duty cleanup after a job.