Electric Screw Driver Electric Screw Driver

An Electric Screw Driver is a battery powered screw driver. It works just like a screw driver but it has a lot of force behind it. Electric screw drivers also give you the option of reverse or forward.  When using an electric screw driver you get more pressure than a regular screw driver. An electric screw driver is more convenient than a regular screw driver.  When building something that needs support (such as a deck) you would want to use an electric screw driver. They have a lot more power and get the job done a lot faster. An electric screw driver would be a perfect tool to use when hanging drywall.

Inside an Electric Screw Driver

Some things that you might find when looking on the inside of an electric screw driver would be things such as a switch, a rechargeable battery, a dual planetary gear system, an electric motor and a chuck which holds the screwdriver in place.

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