Electric Socks

Electric socks have come a long way since the 1950’s when they were first invented. Back then they were powered by two six volt lantern batteries. The biggest problem was that the batteries didn’t last very long and they became very expensive to replace.

In 1975 a guy tried wiring a motorcycle battery to the socks so he would have a rechargeable battery source. The biggest problem here was that the battery was bulky and not very safe as it was a liquid sulfuric acid battery.

In the 1980’s the NiCad rechargeable battery was invented. The problem with NiCad batteries was that if they weren’t charged in a specific way they would lose their charge holding power. It seemed at the time that it was possible for electric socks to become practical.

Electric socks gained a huge improvement in the 1990’s. Electric socks were redesigned to heat the entire foot. Finally in 2000 and 2002 the NiMH batteries were invented allowing electric socks to stay heated for longer and have an effective recharging source.

Practical Electric Socks

Thanks to technology electric socks are finally a practical item for people who work out in the cold or are out in the cold weather often. Although they are a little pricy, a good pair of electric socks can save your feet from hypothermia.