Electric Towel Warmer vs Hydronic Towel Warmer

towel warmer

Towel warmers are an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. They are available in sizes to fit comfortably in almost any home bathroom. Some models produce enough radiant heat to serve as a separate heater. If you are considering adding a towel warmer, read this article for advice on the styles and varieties from which to choose.

Hydronic Towel Warmers

Hydronic towel warmers are hook into the hot water system. Heated water is pushed through the rails in the towel warmer, creating enough heat to warm the towels on the rack to a comfortable temperature. These systems are thought to be more efficient than electric systems, but they are more expensive. A pump forces water through the rails. The installation costs are higher, as are the materials. The final result is a system that will outlast electric models.

Electric Towel Warmers

An electric towel warmer is an option that many people prefer. They are designed in a similar fashion to water-heated units, but they use electricity instead. An electric towel warmer simply connects to an outlet in your bathroom. These units will heat the towels, but they won't create the spa-like radiant heat that many people desire.