Electric vs Ductless Heat Pumps: Cost Efficiency Comparison

It’s amazing how technology can give you so many options which were unthinkable in the past; now you can choose between the common electric heat pumps and the just-introduced ductless heat pumps. Choosing between the two is no laughing matter. Your home’s heating and cooling system is something that will stay installed in your house for ages to come. So the decision isn’t like one you would make when purchasing a toaster.

Electric Heat Pumps

An electric heat pump will be able to provide year round cooling and heating for your home. For providing year long comfort, you actually save 30% in heating costs as compared to a traditional furnace. Air heat pumps can actually generate 3 times the heating or cooling than the energy that it requires for such mechanism.

But the catch is this: electric heat pumps like air source pumps only work efficiently in temperatures that rarely dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This may be fine if you live in a place such as Arizona, but if you live somewhere that experiences harsh winters, you may not be satisfied with the heating provided by your electric heat pump system. This means that you’ll have to install a back-up system for your air source heat pump. This can totally negate the savings that you’ve accrued during the warmer months of the year.

If you want a back-up system that does not make use of fossil fuels or coal, you can go for a portable heat pump. These pumps may only cost from $30 to $100, but then they are just efficient in heating only one room.

Ductless Heat Pumps

In the past ducts were necessary in circulating hot or cool air in any room. This is why old houses usually have ducting. But duct works can severely damage the aesthetics of any house. This is why those architecture-conscious homeowners would rather do away with ducts. But the problem now is, how do you heat an entire house up without the help of ducts?

Ductless heat pumps provide any structure with the necessary heating and cooling without the need of any ducts. These heat pumps are installed in walls or ceilings of specific rooms with the compressor/condenser units set up outside of your home.

Ductless heat pumps are zone systems because they are only capable of heating up the room that they are installed in. But if you totally put design over function then ductless heat pumps should be an easy choice.

What’s amazing with this system is that installing it to any home is easy to do as you do not need to have tricky duct works installed anymore. All you need is an opening in your ceiling or wall to install the unit and you can benefit from heating and cooling right away. This can be considerably cheaper than having to go through with the traditional heat pump systems. And with 40% efficiency, you’re not necessarily selling yourself short either. You can have function and form merged into one unit after all.