Electric vs Gas Garage Heaters: Which is more eco-friendly? Electric vs Gas Garage Heaters: Which is more eco-friendly?

Working in the garage during the winter can be uncomfortable; that is why most homeowners think about getting electric or gas garage heaters installed. If you don't have a garage heater, now is the time to have one installed.

Electric Garage Heater

If you have an extra socket available in your garage, an electric garage heater might be suited for you. Some units are portable, and can be installed easily anywhere in your garage. However, since electric garage heaters produce heat, they draw power from the power line. Consult a licensed electrician to have your power line inspected before opting for an electric garage heater.

Gas Garage Heater

There are two types of gas garage heaters - convection heaters and infrared heaters. Convection heaters require electricity to move the air actively around the heating element, while infrared heaters use passive hot air expansion to provide and circulate heat. Both can be tapped into your natural gas line, thus providing an eco-friendly garage heating solution. In the event of power outage, natural gas garage heaters can still function because it does not require electricity.

Homeowners who are environmentally conscious should consider installing gas garage heaters. Natural gas is the least pollutant of the fossil fuels and electricity is not required for heat production, thus lowering your carbon footprint.

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