Electric vs Gas Lawn Edger

Property owners or others who maintain a property will want to look at different lawn edger options to keep their outdoor installations in good shape, specifically where grassy areas meet walkways, patios or other concrete, stone or pebble areas. In collecting all of the necessary gear to take care of a home or property, it might be necessary to look at different kinds of edgers and how a specific model can fit into your overall maintenance strategy and toolkit.

Power Edgers: Electric vs Gas Lawn Edgers

Picking a power edger machine requires looking critically at what kinds of spaces you have to maintain, and how much work each kind of powered machine will save. You also might want to consider your edger purchase within a greater context: you’ll be likely to also buy a weed-cutting machine, as well as a lawn mower, and many property maintenance people like to assemble either an all-electric or all-gas set, or specific elements of each according to what kinds of tasks need to be done most often. Within the general category of lawn care tools, the edger is the one that often gets the least use. If a property has a large lawn area, but few bounded beds and paved areas, the edger will not be as important for heavy or regular use.

When you’re looking at electric or gas edger, take care to note that different kinds of each machine are available. New electric edgers include two different kinds of equipment. The first kind has battery packs, allowing for remote use. Other models of edgers are attached to power cords. The important distinction here is how far from an electrical outlet you need to take the edger. If your edges are all comfortably within an “extension cord range” a corded edger might work just fine. Otherwise, you might be getting yourself into trouble.

With gas edgers, there are other choices to be made. Some power designs come with an engine that runs on a gas/oil mix. Others just take straight gasoline. In either case, you’ll want to think about the liabilities of storing fuel in your shed.

Manual Versus Power Edgers

With all of the choices that landscapers have for edger tools, there’s also a whole other category of edgers that are manual rather than power machines. These simple tools are much less costly, not connected to cords, and don’t need any fuel other than your own human power. If you have small bits of edging that just need a little TLC on an occasional basis, manual edgers might be the way to go. Otherwise, getting a power edger might be money while spent.

Always think about the specific fuel needs of a landscaping machine such as an edger. Plan for a comprehensive property maintenance tool kit, and you’ll be positioned to take good care of an outdoor space safely and effectively.