Electric vs Gas Powered Motorcycles

an orange motorcycle

When you think of motorcycles, you may imagine those large, gas-guzzling monsters of the past. Modern gas motorcycles are much more environmentally friendly, having lower greenhouse gas emissions and going further to the gallon. The newer electric motorcycle has created a space for green bike lovers to pursue their passion. Motorcycle riders represent only a small part of the traffic in the US: the automobile is still king here.

Electric Motorbikes

This motorbike is still fairly new, and is really intended for a very niche market. There are very few options when considering buying electronic motorcycles: few are mass-produced, making the electric motorbike much more expensive than its gas-powered cousin. Few electric motorbikes match the power and strength of a gas motorbike.

Riding an electronic motorbike is more like using a scooter. These motorcycles have automatic transmissions, meaning that there is no clutch, and no ability to shift into neutral. Lack of braking through the engine can take come getting used to, so be careful about travelling downhill with too much speed. Some riders also feel that the throttle is too severe, although this can vary. Others have also expressed concern about the 'silence' of the electronic motorcycles. Car drivers are often only made aware of motorcyclists by the noise of the engine, and bike riders can become confused by the engine's silence: is it idling or not?

The Electronic motorcycle is a good inner-city motorbike. Using the electronic bike to get around town is fuel efficient, and is also good for the environment, but you will need a good old-fashioned gas motorbike to go much further away from the house. Although lower speeds can help to conserve the battery, most electronic motorcycles will only last 25 miles after charging.

Gas Motorcycles

The gas motorcycle is not such a bad deal for the environmentally friendly motorcycle enthusiast. Motorbikes are generally more energy efficient than cars, and they also have to spend less of their time idling in traffic. Of course gas bikes do send quite a bit of greenhouse gas into the environment: but still not as much as the average car.

The big difference between gas and electric motorcycles is cost and availability. Electric motorcycles are just too rare a market for most suppliers, and gas motorcycles tend to be cheaper. Gas motorcycles are also mass-produced, meaning that any particular brand that you desire should be easily available. Electric motorcycles tend to be individually made, so the customer will usually only have a choice of one.

Gas motorbikes are also better for long-distance travel than electric motorbikes. The latter devices are limited in that they cannot travel very far between battery recharging: they are really only suitable for travelling between home and work. For weekend rides, the gas motorbike will always be the better option: you can go further with a gas bike, so trips down the highway are within easy reach.

Electronic motorcycles are at the moment too limited in availability to make themselves cost-effective, and while gas motorcycles do put out greenhouse gasses, they are still an energy efficient way to travel.