Electric vs Hydronic Toe Kick Heater

A toe kick heater can be the perfect heating solution for large drafty areas, such as old kitchens. They are relatively simple to have installed, and allow you to eliminate cold floors on bare feet. Toe kicks can also be installed with individual thermostats, allowing you to determine the amount of heat produced. There are two main types of toe kick heaters- hydronic and electric. Here are a few of the differences.

Hydronic Toe Kicks

A hydronic toe kick heater is designed to hook in to your existing plumbing system. A circulation pump is used in conjunction with your hot water heater for most of these. The hot water is forced through the system, creating radiant heat. These are more efficient to use, but will also cost more to install.

Electric Toe Kicks

An electric toe kick heater will be cheaper to install, but aren't as efficient as the hydronic versions. The electric heaters are installed utilizing your homes electric wiring. They work the same as a standard space heater. The popularity of these types of heaters have fallen in the last decade. Although if you just need to warm a cold floor for comfort, they may be a better option.