Electric vs Propane Water Heaters

Propane water heaters and electric water heaters are used to heat water for your shower needs. Below are the comparison between propane water heaters and electric water heaters.

The Two Ways of Heating Water

There are two main ways of heating water, by using and electric water heater and by using a propane water heater. Electric water heater heats water through the electric coils that is located inside your water tank.

When electricity is applied on the electric could of the electric water heater, the coil becomes hot enough to heat the water inside the water tank. Propane water heaters, on the other hand, uses propane gas to heat water.

A propane water heater consists of a propane tank where the propane gas is stored, a burner and a pilot light. The burner is located below the water tank and the water is heated by turning on the pilot light which will then light up the propane gas.

Cost Comparison

Choosing a propane water heater instead of an electric water heater will cost you more during installation. However, due to the energy efficiency of propane water heaters when compared to electric water heaters, having a propane water heater will save you money in the long run. Propane water heaters can also last as long as ten years compared to electric water heaters that can only last up to four years making propane fueled water heaters more cost-efficient compared to electric water heaters.

Energy Efficiency

Propane water heaters is more energy efficient than electric water heaters. You can heat your water tank in less time using propane water heater rather than an electric water heater. The longer period it takes for an electric water heater to heat your water tank means higher energy bills. Also, using electricity to produce heat is the most expensive method to create heat as well as the most energy consuming.

Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are easy to install and cheaper compared to buying a propane water heater. Electric water heaters do not require propane gas tanks which has the tendency to explode when handled improperly.

Benefits of Propane Water Heaters

Propane water heaters take less space to install compared to an electric water heater. Propane water heaters are also cheaper to maintain and operate and can heat a tank full of water twice as fast compared to using electric water heaters.

Disadvantages of Electric and Propane Water Heaters

Despite the advantage of propane water heaters to electric water heaters, propane water heaters also have its disadvantages. Propane water heaters require a propane tank, which when mishandled can lead to explosive results. You will also need a propane gas line in order to use propane to heat your water. If you choose to use a propane tank, you may have to wait for the propane gas tank to be delivered to you in the event that you ran out of propane gas. Propane gas tanks need to be installed outdoor and should be vented in order to avoid the propane gas tank from exploding in case of a gas leak.

On the other hand, electric water heaters are expensive to operate and maintain, breaks down faster than propane water heaters and the least eco-friendly method of heating your water.