Electrical Tape

Available in numerous colors allowing easy identification of wiring, electrical tape is an adhesive that has very specific applications but can be used for a variety of other purposes as well. Used to insulate electrical wiring, cover tears in the rubber sheathing or to splice wires together, electrical tape should be in every electrician's tool box. All-purpose handymen, too, benefit from having a roll on hand. Not only is electrical tape useful in a pinch when rewiring a circuit, fixture or other item, but its high heat resistance and durable stickability make it useful with other work as well. 

Varieties of Electrical Tape

Standard black electrical tape is used to insulate wiring. Other colors of electrical tape, however, are used to mark the quality of the wiring. The variety of colors including red, blue, orange, yellow, green, green with yellow stripes, white, grey and brown all indicate something different about wiring. Green tape indicates ground wiring, while the other colors are used to mark voltage, wire phase or neutrality.

Electrical Tape Quality

When working with wiring, you should only ever use U.L. listed electrical tape, certified to not combust if overheated. Electrical tape has numerous other uses as well, from securing sport equipment to providing general support for cables, handle grips or to quickly and temporarily affix one item to another.