Electric Fireplaces Garner Glowing Reports

An electric fireplace.

A growing number of consumers looking to add ambiance and comfort to a home are turning to fireplaces. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, shipments of hearth products grew by 8% in 2005.

Electric Fireplaces

Many of these products reflect a growing trend — fireplaces that require nothing more than an electrical outlet to operate. Demand for electric fireplaces rose 27% in 2005. Experts say that in terms of flexibility and convenience, no other hearth product type matches electric. Electric fireplaces require minimal installation and can go practically anywhere in the home because they do not require a chimney.


Consumers looking for an easy remodeling project that can add a little ambiance to a room or warmth to a chilly bedroom or bathroom often turn to electric fireplaces. And since electric fireplaces do not burn wood, there is no ash to clean up or wood to haul.


Electric fireplaces are also highly efficient to operate because there's no wasted energy going up the chimney. It only costs about 15 cents per hour to run an electric unit. If you're paying for a dollar's worth of electricity, you're getting a dollar's worth of heat out of your fireplace.


In addition, since there's no venting or complex installation required, many see electric fireplaces as an affordable option, especially as a second or third fireplace for a home.

Today's electric fireplaces employ advanced illumination technologies to re-create a wood-burning experience. New models such as the Heat & Glo Crestfire or Heatilator Silhouette also feature a brilliant ember bed and a substantial grate and log set to add to the appeal.


These models can be used with or without the standard heaters, meaning the "flames" can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere without worrying about heat. They also offer instant gratification. Within minutes, the Crestfire or Silhouette models can be installed and plugged in. A variety of cabinets, fronts, and finishes are available to match home décors and reflect the homeowner's tastes.

Courtesy of NAPSnet.