Electrostatic Air Filters

Electrostatic air filters are generally used to collect dust particles in the home to help prevent allergens from lingering in the air.

How electrostatic air filters work

When dust and allergens from the atmosphere and things like pet hair, tracked-in dirt, mites, mold spores, petroleum from burning candles, and dust from old wood enter the home’s atmosphere an electrostatic air filter is designed to “catch” the tiny particles and draw them to the filter. Electrostatic air filters work much like a magnet.

The most efficient electrostatic air filters are designed to trap 97% of all allergens and other airborne dust and dirt particles and attract them to the filter; thus venting them away from the home through the register.

Advantages of electrostatic air filters

Electrostatic air filters work as efficiently as electronic air filters and take up less space, are hidden from view, and are more cost efficient. There are two types of electrostatic air filters; disposable and permanent, which need to be cleaned regularly.

You can purchase custom made electrostatic air filters or sized-to-fit and there are many manufacturers who produce them. They range in price, and can be purchased with a lifetime warranty. Electrostatic air filters are easy to maintain and can help keep the air in your home free of allergens and other harmful particles.