Elegant Deck Post Lighting Ideas

Deck post lighting can extend the use of your deck into the night. Post caps come in a variety of shaped and materials. They cast a full circle of light from the post. In addition to adding light they protect the top of the post from rotting. There are many elegant choices for illuminating the deck with post lights.

Metal Types

A rustic choice is hammered copper that is hand finished. A more refined choice is a cast bronze post cap. If the aim is to match the deck material then a powder-coated cap comes in a variety of colors including white, black or brown.

Acrylic Types

Glass-looking post caps are made out of clear acrylic. They are a durable and stylish way to provide deck lighting. This kind of deck post gives off more light than the capped type. They are lit with LED or Xenon bulb and are low voltage. Some new lights are solar-powered. These are a more expensive option and are often used in addition to regular post lighting by placing them on a corner or on the post of a stairway. They come in numerous colors and some have the ability to rotate through a series of colors.


Pyramid-shaped deck posts have a peaked shape that helps them to shed rain water. The illumination comes from underneath the cap. Some deck post lights are designed to resemble traditional or modern lanterns. Lantern-style lights usually come with clear glass but colored glass can be ordered instead. There are various shapes available in these acrylic lights. One design looks like stacked flat squares that can be rotated to twist or alternated layers of a square and another is turned 90 degrees. Another acrylic type is formed into a shape such as a landmark building like the Empire State building or the Eiffel tower.

Light Types

Deck post lights can use a variety of lights for illumination. Many deck lights use LED technology. LED light last longer and are more efficient that incandescent bulbs because they don’t waste energy generating heat and use the electrical power to generate light instead. Some lighting uses Xenon bulbs that give off a bright white light that closely resembles daylight. Solar-power post lights usually have a flat top with a built-in solar panel. This panel collects solar power during the day and then uses that power to light up the deck at night.

Other Considerations

When planning to install deck post lights be aware of the height. If you have seating on the deck you want them to be higher than eye level so they don’t shine in the eyes of people seated on the deck. If you are building a new deck then have the wiring inserted and holes predrilled into the deck when it is built.

Adding deck post lighting can add not only more time to use your deck but can be an elegant and eye-catching addition to your outdoor space.