Eliminating Asian Beetles from the Garden

Beetles are perhaps the most common of insect pests, and can cause a lot of damage in your garden if left unchecked. The ladybug, also known as the Asian beetle, is one of the most familiar beetle varieties you may find in your garden. This colorful insect can be a blessing and a curse.

Although they don't feed on crops, they can be a nuisance when they're present in large numbers, and you'll find them crawling all over the place. They also frequently make their way into the house, especially during the summer. These beetles are, however, beneficial when it comes to controlling aphids. Here are several methods you can use to eliminate Asian beetles from your garden.


This is effective when the ladybugs are not numerous. You can spot them wherever they've settled in your garden. Early morning hours are ideal for picking them off plants. You can drown them in a bucket of soapy water once you pick them from the plants. Use a broom to sweep them off outside walls and areas like the patio.


Use nets to cover your ornamental plants and vegetable crop, especially during the seasons when the beetles are prevalent. They usually show up in large numbers in the fall and winter.

Insecticidal Soap Sprays

Insecticidal soap sprays can be safely used in the garden to get rid of asian beetles. A mixture of castille soap and water works effectively in eliminating beetles and other insect pests. It makes an excellent organic pesticide control measure for garden use. Carefully spray the mixture on as many of your plants as possible to ensure that you trap most of the beetles. The soap spray has no harmful effects on plants, but is toxic to beetles, which will die shortly after coming into contact with the chemical. Neem oil is also an excellent insecticidal soap you can use in effectively eliminating beetles from your garden.

Boric Acid

This is a natural pesticide that effectively gets rid of asian beetles. Dust it on areas of your garden where you know the beetles love to settle. Place on the patio, along the sidewalk, on flower support structures in the garden and on the outside of garden flower pots or containers. Once the beetles come into contact with the powder, they will die soon after.

Plant Selection

Some plants naturally attract the Asian beetle, while others repel the insect. Practising plant selection will help you contain the beetles. If you have crops or plants that attract ladybugs, it is a good idea to limit their presence by planting specific plants around your crops that will repel the beetles. Herbs are especially useful in repelling Asian beetles because they produce odors that confuse the insects or camouflage the smell of plants that attract the beetles. Strong smelling herbs work best in repelling the beetles. Examples are rosemary, chives, catnip, mint and chrysanthemums.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a highly effective natural pest deterrent. It contains algae that have a razor sharp structure which cuts through the beetles. You can surround your garden with diatomaceous earth to help contain the presence of Asian beetles.