Eliminating Squeaks from Hardwood Flooring Eliminating Squeaks from Hardwood Flooring

What You'll Need
Spiral Flooring Nails
Wax Putty Stick or Crayon
Masking Tape
Tape Measure
Nail Set
Electronic Stud Finder

If your natural hardwood flooring is starting to show signs of wear and you already hear squeaking noises over certain areas, you have to fix it as soon as possible. These little squeaks can get worse if left unattended and could cause a lot more damage if you do not have them fixed. However, this may also be dependent on a lot of factors such as what part of the flooring is squeaking or if you will be able to access the flooring from below.

Step 1: Locate the Joists

First thing you have to do is locate the joists in the area where the squeaking sound is in your natural hardwood flooring. You can do this be tapping on the flooring and try to listen to a more solid sound compared to a hollow sound. A more solid sound means that there is a joist underneath the wood. If this does not work for you, use an electronic stud finder to locate them. If your flooring uses the standard 40 cm spacing between joists, find the others.

Step 2: Find the Joists’ Centers

Get the distance from the wall to the center of the joists and make sure that you measure accurately. This is still partially based on the 40cm standard spacing on your natural hardwood flooring that you assumed earlier. Double check and see if you got the centers of the joists correct by tapping inch by inch from the center of one or two of the joists until the sound becomes hollow again. Mark the centers of the joists with masking tape.

Step 3: Securing the Loose Boards

Get a very heavy weight, around 50 pounds or so, and place it on top of the squeaking area of the marked center joists on the natural hardwood flooring. The flooring should then be pressed against the joists and this position should stop the floor from squeaking. In order to make this more permanent, get a spiral-flooring nail and drive it through the floor at an angle. Make sure that you drive it into the marks that you made on the floor. If there are other areas in your flooring that have squeaks, continue to drive in the spiral flooring nails through the floor into the joists.

Step 4: Finishing

Once you have driven all the nails into the floor, you will need to cover them up so they will not be an eyesore and more importantly, a hazard. These could easily snag soles of shoes or trip people which could cause injuries. Get your wax putty stick and fill the holes made by the nails until the heads are all covered up. There will be some extra wax that will be smeared across your floor so wipe off this excess with a piece of cloth until your floor is clean and spotless. Your natural hardwood flooring should already be squeak-free at this point so try walking over the portion that used to have that irritating noise.

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