Elmers Glue

Elmer's glue is one of the most recognizable adhesives available. With its distinctive colors and brand logo, practically every child can remember time spent in school using Elmer's glue for crafts, art and other projects. However, Elmer's makes other glue products as well. Elmer's glue can be categorized into 4 distinct groups: craft, hardware, home and office and school glues. Included in each of these categories are several individual Elmer's products, from adhesive sprays to glue sticks. In addition, Elmer's offers a number of different glue types including epoxy, contact cement and polyurethane just to name a few, but each type of glue is found in one of the 4 main categories. 


Beginning with craft glues, Elmer's offers numerous glue types. Photo sticks, craft wood glue, spray adhesives, craft paper glue gel, tacky craft glue and craft glass cement are just a few of the offerings. Elmer's hardware glues include, among dozens of others, all-purpose glue, china & glass glue, super fast epoxy, contact cement and polyurethane glue as well as standard wood glue. Glue used in the home or office includes extra-strength spray adhesive, the all-purpose glue stick pen, no wrinkle rubber cement and plastic cement. Lastly, Elmer's school glue includes everything from basic, non-toxic glue to disappearing glue sticks and Elmer's art paste.


Many Elmer's glue products are found in more than one category, for Elmer's adhesive products are extremely versatile and useful over a wide range of applications. Elmer's glue comes in numerous containers with different application methods. Basic twist-top squeeze bottles, capped glue sticks, jars with brushes for rubber cement, glue pens and aerosol cans are but a few. Elmer's also offers various glues and cements in larger, bulk containers, useful in schools and offices. 

Ideal for all home, school and office uses as well as home repairs, model building and light woodworking, Elmer's glue is as versatile a brand as there is.