Elmers Wood Glue

With several types to select from, Elmer's wood glue is made specifically for joining wood. The basic type of Elmer's wood glue is also called PVA glue or polyvinyl acetate. Made of a synthetic elastic polymer, PVA glue is especially suited for use with porous materials such as wood. Wood glue produced by Elmer's includes this type among others. Elmer's offers indoor as well as waterproof wood glues in a variety of different sizes and applicators.

Elmer's Wood Glue Choices

Choose Elmer's Carpenter's interior wood glue, ideal for light furniture repair of soft and hardwoods, fiberboard and other porous wood products. Also available are several types of waterproof, all-weather wood glues including stainable indoor/outdoor glue. For the strongest bonds, opt for Elmer's Ultimate polyurethane glue. Sandable and paintable, polyurethane forms a tighter bond than PVA. With lightweight woodwork such as model building, Elmer's Glue-All is a suitable choice, exceptional for its strength and versatility.

Specialty Wood Glues

Elmer's offers a stabilizing glue for rotted wood, specifically designed to seal and strengthen old and damaged wood products. Other specialty wood glues include quick-drying epoxy cement and the type-II water-resistant Probond wood glue. Most Elmer's wood glues are pourable, but they offer glue sticks and pens as well for added convenience.