End Cold Wind Window Draft With Weather Stripping

Weather stripping can stop a cold wind draft making your home warmer and energy efficient.

Step 1 - Using Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is a material used to seal openings in windows where cold wind enters.

Step 2 - Types of Weather Stripping

V-shaped vinyl weather stripping comes with self-adhesive for easy application. Felt weather stripping is cheap and available in brown, gray or black. Reinforced foam is an inexpensive choice that creates a tight seal.

Step 3 - Applying Weather Stripping

When using the V-shaped vinyl strip to stop cold wind simply cut the length that you need with scissors, peel off the backing and stick around the inside track of a double hung or sliding window.

Felt weather stripping is applied by stapling, gluing or tacking it in place around the inside of the window. For best results when using staples they should be parallel on the strip. The felt weather stripping is not effective at stopping cold wind drafts. Also, it cannot get wet.

Reinforced foam weather stripping is attached to wood or metal strips. The strips are affixed to the top or bottom of the window sash. This type of weather stripping is a good sealer against cold wind but it takes time to install. You need to saw, nail and paint it.