Energy Efficiency of Garage Space Heaters vs Hard-Wired Heaters Energy Efficiency of Garage Space Heaters vs Hard-Wired Heaters

Garage space heaters are essential in making your garage cozier for you and your car during the winter season. However, other heaters such as the hard-wired type can also provide the same kind of heating. To know which one is more energy-efficient and best fits your home conditions, consider the attributes of each type of heater below.

Garage Space Heaters

Several types of garage space heaters are available in the market: porcelain, kerosene and gas. A porcelain heater can warm up an average-sized garage, but is not meant for large spaces because it takes a long time to warm up. A kerosene heater has an electric starter and is very easy to use. It has a manual temperature regulation. It needs enough air for proper ventilation, but can provide enough warmth for even a two-car garage.

In general, space heaters are more efficient since warming up consumes less energy and they are able to keep larger spaces warm.

    Hard-Wired / Permanent Heaters

    This type of heater is permanently mounted, so it doesn't use cords or cables, but it must be plugged into an electricity source. The heat it produces is generally focused around the actual heater, not dispersed through the space. For this reason, a hard-wired heating unit is usually used in a small space like a bathroom, not a garage. 

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