Energy Efficient Greenhouse: Heating and Insulation

A greenhouse is the best way for protecting your plants from the blazing heat of the sun. Greenhouses are structures with plastic or glass roofs that heat up to warm the soil, plants and other things inside with the help of solar radiation.

Glass greenhouses are generally filled up with equipment like cooling, screening installations, heating and lighting and can be controlled by a computer. During summers there is adequate solar energy available for the growth of the plants in greenhouses. However, in the winter season, your plants require additional care as the chilling weather can hamper their growth. Heating and insulation are the best ways to maintain the life of the plants from the cold weather at a cheaper price. Follow these tips on heating and insulation to have an energy efficient greenhouse.


Greenhouses can be made efficient in the colder season by using heaters that provide the required higher temperature for the growth of heat sensitive plants. You can use the super suitable propagator for propagating on a smaller scale to heat inside the house.

Gas Heaters

Heating and insulation for greenhouses is not difficult. They make the greenhouse energy efficient and reliable. Gas heaters have been specifically designed for effective and safe operations in moist greenhouse environments. The plants benefit a lot from such gas heaters as they not only get the required heat but also from growth enhancing carbon dioxide which they produce at the same time. Installing propane gas heaters is simple and easy. Natural gas heaters are also beneficial as they provide continuous heat, flowing off a supply of natural gas.

Polystyrene Bead Nighttime Insulation Technique

Greenhouse structures can be made more energy efficient through energy conservations and solar energy utilization. Over 80%of greenhouse heating is required during the night. The experimental polystyrene bead nighttime insulation technique is said to be reducing the energy requirements at night by 80 to 90%. It can also be used during the day time for photoperiod control and daytime shading.

Electric Fan Heaters

Electric fan heaters also prove to be effective heating methods as they help in raising the temperature easily and effectively. These heaters are specially designed to carry out safe greenhouse operations. All you have to do is to plug them in the main electric box. It equally distributes the heat and internal fans pass the heated air. Electric fan heaters reduce humidity and diseases in the greenhouse by constantly circulating the greenhouse air.

Blue Flame Paraffin Heaters

You can also use blue flame paraffin heaters to vary the heat output and decrease fuel consumption by simply adjusting the rounded wicks of these heaters. These blue paraffin heaters are carefully designed with convenient carrying handles and in-built trays.

This equipment will help you to have an energy efficient greenhouse. Perfect temperature within the greenhouse will enhance the life of the plants and make it more productive.