Energy Saving Tips For Outdoor Light Bulbs Energy Saving Tips For Outdoor Light Bulbs

Energy saving tips can be beneficial to you as you consider options for lighting outside areas of your home. Outdoor lighting definitely enhances your yard, as well as contributing to greater home security. Follow the five energy savings tips below to create an attractively yard and one that is energy efficient.

Tip 1 – Use Energy Star LED Products

When choosing lighting for your pathways, steps, or porch lights, choose energy star LED products. LED lighting is a lower intensity lighting that consumes less energy, lasts 25 times longer, and is more durable and reliant.

Tip 2 – Use CFL Lights

Compact Florescent Lights (CFL) also save on energy consumption. Generally, bulbs used out-of-doors are left on longer than indoor bulbs. Therefore CFL lightening used in outdoor lightning will reduce energy and energy-related costs.

Tip 3 – Plan Lighting for the Best Coverage

Plan to use outside lighting in locations where you can have fewer lights but optimum coverage.

Tip 4 – Install Timers and Motion Sensor Lighting

Install timers on lighting so it will turn on and off automatically. As a security measure, use motion sensor lights in areas where you have walkways or where you wish to have greater security.

Tip 5 – Use Solar Lighting

There are many attractive solar lamps and lighting fixtures that can be used in outdoor areas.

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