Energy Saving Windows and Doors for Your Sunroom

A sunroom or solarium is made from glass so that it will attract the optimum amount of sunlight for a home. Around 20% of the heat produced in homes is lost through the windows. You can save money on your energy bill by installing energy saving windows and doors in your sunroom or sun porch.

Energy saving windows

Most newly built sunrooms are constructed using double glazing. However, older solariums and sun porches are likely to have single paned windows which will need to be replaced to reduce heat loss and energy bills. To find the best energy efficient windows for a sunroom, look for windows that display an energy star as this should state what the U value is.

U Value

U Value is essentially a measure of heat retention and is used to compare windows and doors. The lower the U value, the more energy efficient the windows and doors are. When purchasing new windows and doors, make sure you keep in mind your geographical area and climate. For warmer climate areas, choose windows that have spectrally selective glass which will reflect the heat rays. For cooler climates, choose windows that have low solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC) as this will reduce heat loss.