Enhancing Cheap Crown Molding Enhancing Cheap Crown Molding

What You'll Need
Crown molding
Cutting implement (such as a miter saw)
Base paint
Black paint (or any other color)
Metallic paint (optional)
Plastic plates
Paint brush

Cheap crown molding can be used to create an elegant finish in any room, particularly when you need to keep costs low. Crown molding is a type of trim that is placed where the ceiling and the walls meet. There are many different dimensions and styles to choose from, as you will want to incorporate the architectural design of your home into your choice. You can easily transform your cheap molding to something that looks fantastic.

Step 1: Decide on the Type of Enhancement

Before you buy materials and tools, decide what type of enhancement you are interested in using. Many people will use metallic enhancements or paint. You may need to prep the molding by sanding off old paint. Once you know what to do you can then buy the necessary products.

Step 2: Paint

An inexpensive way to enhance crown molding is by painting it. For this, get a primer that matches your wall colors or basecoat. Apply the primer and let it dry completely. If you are not using a metallic paint, simply paint the entire molding in one color.

Step 3: Applying Metallic Paint

If you are using metallic paint, first paint the recessed areas black. If you get any paint on the higher parts of the molding rub it off with a soft rag.

To use metallic paint, pour out a small amount. Dip a sponge in the paint and dab on a dry plate to remove excess paint. Using the sponge on the molding, keep it flat and move it over the high points of the molding.  If you have flat molding, instead of a sponge use a stiff brush to apply the paint. The brush should be dry when using it and not wet. This can create a great effect and really brings out the depth of different levels of wood detail.

Step 4: Using Different Textures

Instead of putting metallic paint on your crown molding, you can add different textures. A paint with a satin finish will make your molding very glossy. Painting crown molding is a quick and easy way to disguise molding that may be made of cheaper materials. The shape still looks good but the finish may not be what you want and this is a fast and easy way to enhance the room and the molding.

Extra Tips

A few tips to keep in mind when painting molding is that it is best to paint it before you cut and put it into place.  You will need to calculate how much paint you need based on the square footage of molding you are using. Make sure you choose a molding that goes well with your room, otherwise any enhancements may look out of place.

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