Ensuring the Integrity of Your Glass Storm Doors Ensuring the Integrity of Your Glass Storm Doors

Glass storm doors are created to protect the main door that is behind them from the weather, while being able to see the beauty of that main door. Storm doors ultimately ensure that the interior door lasts significantly longer, since it is a lot more expensive to replace. Glass storm doors also help to block dust, dirt, and rain from entering the house. And, having a storm door reduces cooling and heating costs because it provides insulation at the opening to the house from extreme cold and heat. To keep your glass storm door looking great and long lasting, make sure it keeps its integrity.

Check The Level

As houses settle, so will the door frames and ultimately the doors. When a door does not close all the way because it is off balance, it will not do its job properly. When a glass storm door becomes off level, it may not close. This will affect the ability of the storm door to protect the main door, stop dust and dirt from entering the home, and regulate the temperature of the home. The homeowner will loose energy and see an increase in the energy bill as the cool air or hot air flows outside through a faulty glass storm door. The door should be checked every year or so, maybe more frequently for older houses, so that at the first signs of sagging, the door can be fixed.

Get Proper Replacement Parts

If the storm door breaks, use manufacturer replacement parts to fix it. If the manufacturer does not sell parts, ask them for an alternative product that will not affect the integrity of the glass door. Do not try to replace the part with any item, because if the broken item is not fixed properly, the door may cause more harm than if it was simply replaced all together. Typically, manufacturer parts are guaranteed to work, whereas parts from retail stores do not always come with a guarantee.

Open The Door With The Handle

It may be common sense to use the door handle to open and close a door, but any person with a glass storm door will tell you otherwise. Placing a hand or arm on the glass of a glass storm door to open or close it can affect the integrity of the door because it is constantly having pressure applied to the glass in a certain area, which overtime may cause it to break, as well as the fact it may cause the frame to bend. Remind family and friends to use the handle and not the glass when opening and closing the door.

Apply Weather-stripping

The bottom of glass storm doors usually come with weather-stripping at the bottom. This strip of material, sometimes with a tiny brush-like edge provides a complete barrier when the door is closed. Most bugs, dust, and dirt as well as rain and snow, can not penetrate underneath the door, thus will not affect the integrity of the glass door. Weather-stripping can also help regulate the temperature of a home because hot or cold air is not escaping in the space underneath the bottom of the door.

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